Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another Green Picture Frame

A while back, I made this picture frame from a thrift store frame and beach mat and I finally decided it was time to do something with it.

I took some pictures of Elijah a few weeks ago in front of an old abandoned blacksmith shop. I just loved the bricks and vines climbing up the walls. Then I found a coupon to Walgreens for a free 8x10 picture, so I went ahead and got this picture printed out...for FREE!!!

Then I hot glued this old magnet, that I found at my grandpa's house, right onto the beach mat.

Last thing I did was tape the picture with double-sided tape to a piece of cardstock cut to size, and I clipped it on the magnet.

I love the combo of all the different materials =) 


Bamboo Table Runner

I got this bamboo table runner from the bargain section at Target about a year ago.

I just love the look of bamboo, but I really wasn't crazy about the color because it was just a tad bit too orange for me. I knew I would never use it given the color so I decided to change it up a bit.

It had a stain from some lotion I accidentally spilled on it, so I gave that part a light sanding and it took the stain right out. Then I just stained it with Minwax Dark Walnut. That's the same color I stained my tabletop, but I was actually going for a subtle look, so it worked out perfectly. It still stands out since the finish is flat, but the table has a glossy finish.

I even stained the cloth border so it would match.

I just love all the different textures and finishes on the table, and now the candleless candelabra is anchored and doesn't look like some random object that got thrown on the table =)

Don't ya just love an easy fix?

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