Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Gots Me a New Plant!

Remember when I showed you guys this pic a while back?

And I said I desperately wanted a plant for the corner?

Well, I finally got one and I love it!!

I got this puppy from Walmart for under $10 bucks.

I love the wispy foliage.

And I think it's fits right in in it's new home.

And the bamboo ladder? It got a new home just a couple of feet away. The dining room is open to the living room and the ladder provides a great visual distinction between the two rooms.

Now, who wants to place bets on how long I can keep my beloved plant alive? It's already been a week and it's still alive and kickin', but I've never been know to have a green thumb.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Entryway Gallery

My entryway was seriously lacking some personality and I knew something needed to be done about it. I don't know about you guys, but I've gotten lots of pictures taken of Elijah and never did anything with them, so it just made sense to put them up so that nobody would be confused as to what's most important to me, right when they walk in my door, ha ha.

There's no tutorial here. I just measured and hung, and even though I used a lazer level, I still managed to hang the frames crookedly.

And here's a closeup.

And a super duper uber closeup.

Canister Labels

I've been wanting to add a little oomph to the canisters on my kitchen counter for a while now, but wasn't quite sure what route I wanted to take.

I was thinking of doing vinyl, but that wasn't an original idea, and let's just face it, I like being a little different.

Inspiration finally struck when I found these bad boys (well, I should probably call them 'girls' since they are so totally feminine) at Michael's.

At $2 bucks a pop, they were a little more than what I was wanting to spend (yeah, I'm a cheapskate), but the end result made it worth it to me.

The color wasn't going to work in my kitchen, so I spray painted them espresso brown. 

And while I waited for them to dry, I got out my little stamp set and stamped the words onto brown packaging paper (Love that stuff! So versatile!).

(Yeah, it took a few trial runs)

I then cut out the cheap, plastic wannabe glass and added the labels.

I glued some twine to the back, hung them, then called it a day!

I'm diggin' the eclecticism of the fancy frame and shiny sheen with the natural jute and rugged stamped letters.

Oh, and while I was at Michael's, I also picked up some of these bad, girls. Love love LOVE the ruffles!

I hope I inspired you to pick some up and create something unconventional with these picture frames!

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