Friday, May 1, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week Door Decor

I'm sure if you have school-aged kids, you know that next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I absolutely LOVE my son's teacher. You can tell she truly loves teaching and really cares for the kids, so I took it upon myself to decorate her door to show my appreciation. I chose to do it after school so she would be surprised by it on Monday morning. Hopefully it will inspire anyone who wants to do something last minute =)

I started by cutting out a flower on my Silhouette to use as a template. I'm just going to take a quick second to whine and complain that I wish they originally came out with the machine for 12x12 papers. My machine is big enough for the 8.5x11 papers, but it really limits the size you can make things. Having said that, I had to use the template to cut out the flowers from 12x12 paper. I also cut out some smaller flowers from patterned papers that I glued onto the larger flowers. I then cut out white circles for the center of the flowers. I made 30 leaves and wrote a student's name on each leaf, which I found two on the floor when I got home so I'll be going back on Monday to glue them back on, haha. The watering can was sketched and cut out of cardstock and I added a heart to jazz it up. I used my Silhouette to cut out the letters and used a different font and colors for the word 'blossom'.

I love how it turned out and hope the teacher does too =)

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