Thursday, March 24, 2011

Canister Labels

I've been wanting to add a little oomph to the canisters on my kitchen counter for a while now, but wasn't quite sure what route I wanted to take.

I was thinking of doing vinyl, but that wasn't an original idea, and let's just face it, I like being a little different.

Inspiration finally struck when I found these bad boys (well, I should probably call them 'girls' since they are so totally feminine) at Michael's.

At $2 bucks a pop, they were a little more than what I was wanting to spend (yeah, I'm a cheapskate), but the end result made it worth it to me.

The color wasn't going to work in my kitchen, so I spray painted them espresso brown. 

And while I waited for them to dry, I got out my little stamp set and stamped the words onto brown packaging paper (Love that stuff! So versatile!).

(Yeah, it took a few trial runs)

I then cut out the cheap, plastic wannabe glass and added the labels.

I glued some twine to the back, hung them, then called it a day!

I'm diggin' the eclecticism of the fancy frame and shiny sheen with the natural jute and rugged stamped letters.

Oh, and while I was at Michael's, I also picked up some of these bad, girls. Love love LOVE the ruffles!

I hope I inspired you to pick some up and create something unconventional with these picture frames!

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Lauren said...

What an original idea. I love it :)

Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...


very merry vintage style said...

Cute-love the brown paint and kraft paper combo!

Heidi said...

Cute Idea!

Jenn said...

Very cute and creative! Love that you didn't give into the vinyl craze!

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Very cute idea! I love that it's so unexpected. And those frames are adorable. Makes me think where else could I use those?

Suzanne of Pieced Pastimes said...

I love this idea. They look great! The natural brown with the packaging paper gives them such a vintage look. Just lovely!

PicturePerfectPixies said...

I saw those at my Michaels and hated the colors. Duh! Spray paint works wonders. I love what you did!

RoseMarie said...

this is so cute--would love to share on my blog, Home Confetti, if you don't mind!

Jenny said...

so cute!

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