Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chalkboard Craze

As with many other folks, I have been hit with the chalkboard craze, but was seriously disappointed when I tried to find some online. Well, I'm really impatient and didn't do a completely thorough search, but the best thing I could find (nice shape with a wood border) were some chalkboard labels at Pottery Barn Kids that cost $8 for 2 labels!! That might not sound disgusting to some people, but I'm cheap and couldn't bring myself to spend that much, so I got the bright idea to make my own. Buuuut while I was out shopping at one of my fave stores, Cost Plus World Market, I noticed that they had a 2-pack of the little stinkers for just $3.49 - That's MUCH more up my alley!
But as much as I loved the suckers, the wood was a little too light for me so I brought out the handy dandy sandpaper and went to town on them. Then I brought out my favorite stain, Minwax Early American (230), and gave them 2 coats.
The chalkboards on the top are the ones with stain and the bottoms are pre-stain.
And this is what the beauties looked like when I was done. The stain is only a little darker than the original wood, but it just warms them up so much!

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