Friday, April 30, 2010

My Weekend Project

Wanna see what I'll be making this weekend? Ok, I won't be making it, so I guess I should say what my dad will be making. Well, it involves these 2 stain grade pine panels from Lowe's. Any guesses?

Ah, I won't really make you try and guess because really, you could make a million different things with those panels.  Are you ready to see what I have planned?

A tv stand!

I designed it to match the bookcases I had my dad build.

Wow, isn't it amazing how you don't realize how cluttered something looks until you see it in a picture?

There are 2 of these puppies and right now this one holds my son's toys and the other one holds boxes that are ready for our move, but once we move, they will flank the tv stand. And let me say the tv stand aint your grandma's tv stand.  The sucker is going to be 4 ft long! My current tv is going to be lost in a sea of space, but I plan on getting a bigger tv someday. I used to think all wood should be painted back in my shabby chic days, but now I really appreciate the look of wood...well, most of the time. I would have NO problem painting 80's style oak cabinets!

Here is a close-up of the moulding at the top.

And ya gotta love those worm holes!

My dad questioned my design of the tv stand because I want moulding on the top to match the bookcases which means it won't sit flush with the bookcases, but then I found a picture of this media center in the Ballard's catalog to show him what it would look like.

I think this look gives it more character, as if the pieces were found seperately and pieced together.

I've already been searching for some baskets to fit in the cubbies on the sides of the tv stand, but it's really hard finding long and narrow baskets that are cute!...And that don't cost an arm and a leg.

I can't wait to show you the finished product in a few weeks. It's so nice having a dad who knows how to build stuff!!

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Deb said...

Hey Ali, it's going to look great and I love the moulding on top. Lucky you to have such a handy dad! Deb

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