Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Party Time!!

I'm throwing a party, Pottery Barn style, and you are all invited!! So grab your flip flops and let's head down to the beach, shall we?

First, we will have a lovely seafood feast and sip freshly squeezed lemonade from mason jar mugs. I don't even like seafood, but I'll go outside of my comfort zone for this party =)

You might be wondering how I lugged all the dinnerware and cutlery by myself, but I just piled everything in this wire basket for easy transporting.

After eating, we can all brave the ocean waters...ooooor just sit on the sand and admire the ocean's beauty from afar. I'm deathly afraid of whales and sharks, so the most I will do is stick my feet in!

And don't feel bad that you forgot your towel because I brought plenty o' towels in my handy basket tote.

Now that the sun is setting, I guess I should light some of the billion lanterns I brought down to the water.

Time to chill in front of the bonfire on grass mats piled high with these sea-inspired pillows.

And of course lots of these are planted in the sand for extra lighting.

And every good hostess hands out a token of appreciation to all guests as they leave. Hopefully you will use some of these recipes when you invite me to your next get-together!

Oh, it was nothing, really! I'm glad you could make it! We'll have to do this again sometime very soon!

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