Saturday, January 1, 2011 Discount!

Hey, how is everyone doing? I hope better than me! Ok, maybe I'm being slightly dramatic, but the snow in New Jersey threw quite the wrench in my travel plans. I was supposed to fly back on Monday, but knowing there were weather issues, I called Delta before leaving for the airport to make sure my connecting flight was not cancelled. They said it was still heading out, so I went ahead and made the first flight to Salt Lake City. First thing I did was go to the flight board only to see that my flight had been cancelled! Great, stuck at the airport with a toddler and a limited supply of diapers! After a few hours of talking to Delta agents and my dad, we finally decided I would stay the night in a hotel and fly the next day to Chicago and then Pittsburgh, and then rent a car and drive about 5 hours home. Sounds crazy, but it was either that or stay at the airport for 5 days!! Unfortunately, Elijah's dad bursted my bubble when he told me PA doesn't plow their roads right away and he thought it would be too dangerous for me to drive. Alright, onto plan B. Since Elijah's dad works for an airline, he gave me all the lingo to use to get them to fly me back to Sacramento and then to Newark, but they told me I would have to pay for both flights and I would not get reimbursed for the cancelled flight. Ugh! The agent who helped me was fairly nice, but the agent next to her was...well, let's just say she wasn't very nice. My dad ended up calling Delta since he used his frequent flier miles to get Elijah's and my tickets and he finally convinced them to take care of both flights. What an ordeal!!

Anyway, I was so extremely frustrated by the whole experience, but I was very excited when I checked my email and saw that had contacted me about offering my readers a 10% discount! I'm sure you guys have all heard about them or seen their commercials on tv, but in case you haven't, they offer a huge array of items from area rugs to bookcase to fashion jewelry and everything inbetween!

Here are a few things I am drooling over:

Love this awesome graphic rug!

I love the color of this bookcase!

Lovin' big rings at the moment because they make my fat fingers look small. I love this ring!

You guys have to go check it out because there really is something for everyone.

So once you find all the goodies you want, just enter this code for your 10% discount: 121745
The code never expires, but you can only use it once per email address.
The code cannot be used for books, movies, or electronics, BUT there is a code for free shipping for electronics: 202234

Happy shopping Everyone!!!

All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.

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