Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Train Painting

If you are looking for a great tutorial on how to paint a train, you will be sadly disappointed here because I totally suck at taking pictures when I'm in a 'painting zone'.
What I can say though, is that I've been wanting to paint a train for a while now (I guess that's what happens when your kid is obsessed with Thomas!), but I had no clue what to paint, so I googled images of trains and took a little bit from each picture that I liked and turned it into my own creation.

I ended up painting a steam engine, 1 freight car, and a caboose, with a total length of 3 feet. I originally wanted to make it look like they were all coupled (I admit I only know that term from watching Thomas day after day after day), but the problem was that the back of the steam engine sticks out, so I would have had to paint that part on the piece of wood with the freight car, which I didn't want to do. Instead, I centered each painting on the wood and labeled it with a figure number.

But no piece of mine would be complete without some distressing and stain!

Here are the pics of the finished product:

If interested in purchasing your own set of train paintings, shoot me an email for more info =)

Or you can check out my etsy listing here.

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special


Funky Junk Interiors said...

Oh my gosh... and you don't have an Etsy store because....

Honestly girl, reprints of those would be a fabulous thing to sell. Gorgeous work!


Inspired by you said...

So jealous of your obvious painting talent! I love it!

smsmia said...

i love it :)

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

wow. i"m seriously impressed!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

I'm back! I just shared this on FJI Facebook for SNS 84. :)



Amanda said...

Love this Ali, featured you on Craft Gossip :) http://homeandgarden.craftgossip.com/wall-painting-trains/

Roxanne said...

Damn you are talented!!! I found this from craftgossip - I'm so going to stalk your etsy store and lust over it :D

I'm currently pregnant, so I'm looking everywhere for ideas on decoration that will somehow make the garish-colored plastic toys more bearable :) I can draw, but I would kill for your ability to paint!

Ali @ Honey and Maple Syrup said...

Thanks Roxanne! Let me know if you want one painted! I hate the bright colored toys too, but it's hard to get around them.

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