Sunday, August 8, 2010

Coral Makeover: #2 1/2

Well, it's another makeover folks, and this time the victims are coral...muahahahaha!
As you may remember, I bought 2 pieces of purple coral that I spray painted white, but I knew they wouldn't be staying like that for long.

It's not that the white was bad, but it looked a little too modern for me...Oh, and I found out the walls where I am moving are white so they would just blend in.

I decided on blue as the accent color in my room so I went to Michael's and picked up some light blue paint.

It looks a lot brighter in the pic, but the sticker on top was kind of a subdued, slightly silvery blue color.

I loved the color when the paint was wet, and although paint usually dries darker, this paint dried brighter!

So not the look I was going for! I wanted to tone it down so I thought I might experiment with stain, having no idea how it would turn out.

I quickly realized that there was no dabbing it off, so I had to rinse it in the sink. The first time around I only let it sit about a minute, which wasn't long enough, so the second time I let it sit for about 10.

TIP: If you rinse wood stain in your sink, wash it as soon as possible! I used a Clorox bleach cleaner, which seemed to do the trick.

I know the end result isn't for everyone, but I love how the color is much more dimensional now.

It looks like it was just pulled out of the ocean, mud and all.

It's still bright enough to not be boring, yet toned down so it won't stick out like a sore thumb.


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I think it looks really good! It's so much more interesting than plain white.

Angie said...

It looks amazing!!! I LOVE it!!

Sandi said...

Love the look. You did a great job. What a difference.

Kim said...

You are funny :), I could see myself rinsing it off in the sink, too. I read on another blog that you can use Ritz dye for coral (although that might not be the look you're going for).

kelly said...

i love it, very cool color, just saw some cute coral things at bed bath and beyond!

Sweet Little Smoothie said...

They look gorgeous!

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