Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Dining Room Chair Tale

My budget for dining room chairs was next to nothing, so when I saw some cute little bistro chairs a while back at Ikea for $15, you better believe I was planning on buying some!  I knew I would have to sand, stain and seal them, but hello, $15 bucks!! But for whatever reason, I waited until the other day to buy them. I went to the website to make sure the summer collection was still there, but it was gone!  I even drove to Ikea just to see if maybe they had a few stragglers left, but the guy told me the summer season ended in June???? "Dang it, that's just my luck!", I thought to myself.  I wandered around and found some other chairs for the same price, but they weren't as cute and I would have to sand, stain, and seal them too. So, feeling pretty bummed at this point, I left and took care of some other errands, which led me to the front of Cost Plus (one of my fave stores).  I saw a big sign that said the outdoor furniture was up to 75% off, so I decided to go in and look...which looking back, I don't know why that caught my attention since I won't have a backyard when I move.  Anyway, as I was looking around, I rememberd that they carried some cute chairs that I always checked to see if they were on sale, but they never were.  I didn't see them and decided to ask someone if they still had them, and to my surprise, they did, and they were 15% off! They were originally $20, so that took them to about $17, just $2 more than the Ikea chairs. And then I thought about how I belong to their rewards program and they always have coupons for $10 off a $30 or more purchase.  Woohoo!!!! So I went home, printed out the coupon, and went back to get my chairs...and the best part is that they ended up costing less than the Ikea chairs! Wait, no, the best part is that I don't have to sand, stain, and seal them!!

So the moral of the story? Sometimes when one door closes, a much better one opens...oh, and join the member rewards programs to all your fave stores =)

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