Sunday, August 8, 2010

Window Frame Revamp: Take 2

Remember my window frame revamp I did a while back?

Well, I had revamped it before I knew what theme I was going with in my bedroom, but now that I decided to go with a beach theme, I don't feel like the burlap and aged bronze knobs will go that well with the decor, so it was time for a change!

I had a beach mat that I got for $1 at the thrift store a while back, so I stapled that to the back.

TIP: Once you cut horizontally into a beach mat, it will start to unravel, but you can prevent it by measuring the amount or length you need and gluing ribbon on the backside (so it won't show) before you cut.

I went to Lowe's and got these knobs for $2.70 each and replaced the aged bronze knobs.

I was planning on doing a whole vingette, but I didn't know which boxes everything was packed up in. It's getting harder and harder to find stuff!

I wasn't quite sure about the silver...

...but I wanted to match my lamps from Ikea.

It's not a perfect match, but it will do. I'm still not sold on the shiny silver with the aged look of the window, but it does remind me of a silver ship bell. Hopefully it will grow on me, but if not, I can always change it again =)

UPDATE: I don't think I'm diggin' the shiny knobs, so stay tuned. I really have no idea what I wanna do yet =)

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